Morning Ritual

Morning Ritual For Success

Morning Ritual For Success

Morning Ritual For Success

In this article we will discuss about morning ritual for success. for example, because of the news or the mood of their partner. When they get out of bed, they immediately check their mobile.

They read messages from others who want something from them.

Or they get cancellations or cancellations.

As a result, they are directly in the action or in the stress mode.

Can I still make ends meet later? What if people don’t like me anymore?

That is not the way to get the most out of your day …

How do you start your day? Give the morning to yourself.

Do you wake up happy and fit? Do you experience heaven on earth?

Or does it feel like you have cotton wool in your head, are you flu-like and you barely get out of bed?

In this article I explain the importance of a good morning ritual for success.

“Discover How To Build a Morning Routine For Increased Productivity, Energy, and Happiness”

I believe if you start the morning right, you get more out of your day. And if you get more out of your day every day, you get more out of your life!

Cool right?

Some people meditate from 5:00 am to 7:00 am.

They benefit from this and can do their work better in this way.

That is an option … but takes a lot of time … Is it efficient?

And you can also spend that time on your mission or your loved ones.

Fast track methods of morning ritual for success

I like methods with minimal input and maximum output.

I believe that something can always be done faster, better and smoother.

That’s why I’m experimenting with fast-track methods.

I test everything I come across for three weeks.

And then determine if it works for me.

Then I share it in a small circle among my best customers.

I then share things that work for us with a larger group.

Measuring is knowing. And you do that by experimenting.

Create your heaven on earth.

Give the morning back to yourself.

And make every day the most beautiful day it can be.

My own morning ritual for success

Any ritual that benefits you is good.

I share my personal morning ritual for success here.

Maybe there is something that can work for you too.

I always say: test it for three weeks and then determine what works for you.

Spring is the perfect time to start a new morning ritual.

And especially in the summer, this morning ritual is a blessing for your body and mind.

If I skip it, the flow is usually hard to find …

Don’t have time in the morning? For example, go to bed earlier .. Then you have time for it.

I’m curious if it works for you too!

Morning Ritual For Success

The 10 morning ritual steps

It may seem like a lot of steps, but it takes very little time and provides a lot of rest.

And a nice life.

The preparation

The morning ritual starts the night before.

In the evening I already put comfortable clothes on a stool near my bed.

That can be the clothes from the day before or a sports outfit.

Then I don’t have to go into search mode and turn on the light right away in the morning.

Also useful in case your partner has a different ritual.

The intention for the next day

I go to sleep with the intention of waking up fit and vital the next day.

Even if I have a short or bad night.

Still happy I set the intention that I am so happy and grateful that I have good energy the next day.

Wake up happy and grateful

When I wake up I stretch myself. I take a deep breath in and out. And I put a smile on my face.

And I think how happy and blessed I am with everything that is in my life.

Then I think about how I want to feel that day. For example, energetic and happy.

And then I calmly get out of bed.

A glass of half lukewarm lemon water, Before I eat or drink anything else, I start the day with a glass of lemon water.

I add a drop of LEMON essential oil from Infinity to my water.

Then I do have all the benefits of lemon, (such as getting rid of waste products), but not the disadvantages if you use fresh lemon.

And I make a blend of essential oils for the diffuse.

Meditate (5- 11 minutes)

For this I use a tune with a certain frequency such as 528 hz, 7 hz or 432 hz.

I also use these tones in my guided meditations on YouTube such as the power of nature meditation.

Research shows that these tones positively influence your DNA.

Classical music already increases your cells by 2% due to the vibration.

Sanskrit and Gregorian chanting music increases vitality by 5 to 9%.

The hz tones increase the viability of your cells by up to 20%.

You can also use binaural beats (with your headphones) as this lowers the frequency of your brainwaves.

“Discover How To Build a Morning Routine For Increased Productivity, Energy, and Happiness”

And you can add subliminal affirmations during your meditation (or your sleep) to change your subconscious thinking patterns.

At the beginning of the meditation I rub my hands warm with a meditation oil such as Intuit.

With this I immediately increase all my energy and I set the intention for the meditation.

Keep writing (2 – 5 minutes)

By writing in my #manifestation book that I am happy and grateful for what I already have (even if I don’t have it yet) I make sure that things manifest themselves easily and naturally in my life.

In the pragmatic webinar “vibrate and manifest” you will discover how you can manifest anything you want.

More income, a healthy & happy relationship or a healthy body and peace of mind. You name it.

Your intentions can do more than you think. As long as you do it in the right way.

And that you become an energetic match with what we really want.

I really make writing a happy me-time moment.

I drink a cup of green tea with it. And put a carafe with water with gemstones and Energy oil.

In the background I have a self-recorded manifestation podcast on with 432 hz.

That is not necessary, but I like that.

If there is a need, I want to speak it for you too.

You can also do it in silence or with nice music.

Time for a healthy breakfast (5 minutes)

I myself alternate almonds, rice milk and Greek yogurt.

I add fresh fruits and greens and gluten-free muesli.

And I per fresh orange juice, along with mint tea, green or ginger tea.

Work-out & personality exercises (20 minutes)

An English study shows that if you use sprints in those 10 minutes,

that the effect on your health is just as great as jogging for an hour.

It can also be cycling, swimming or rowing.

It’s about the three sprints you pull. That really puts your body into action.

Just give it a try. It’s working!

In these 10 minutes I jog 3 times: sprint for 2 minutes and 30 seconds and jog for 3 minutes.

I split these 10 minutes into two times 5 minutes myself.

After 5 minutes I am at the place where I do Personality Exercises.

After these exercises, I jog back for 5 minutes.

I developed the Personality Exercises for my coaching programs.

These are 8 exercises of max 10 minutes to strengthen your mindset and therefore your personality.

Here is a description of the exercises followed by two videos in which you can participate immediately. If you want to:)

– 1) I start with the “Power Swing” to give my kidneys a boost. This gives my body strength.

– 2) Then the “Suncatch” where I bring the sun, the light, the energy, the happiness into my body (whether the sun is shining or not).

– 3) Followed by the “Gradient” where I let go of the dark, worries, fear, negative thoughts and any illnesses. Let new energy and grounding come to me from the earth.

– 4) The “Flamingo” provides focus and balance. I then focus on the One Thing that I want to achieve that day. And a “hectic job” what I have to do myself. At the end of the day, I compliment myself for doing those two things.

– 5) Then follows the “Chikancha”. It starts with the energy shower (CHI). To give all the energy that I normally give away to myself. And that ends in gratitude (Kancha). Then I name three things that I am specifically grateful for as if it already is and visualize that it has happened.

6) The “circles of balance” provide more balance.

– 7) At the end comes “Me-Care”. With this I mention, among other things, three concrete things why I love myself.

For more confidence. And with my voice I make a siren on the word “VAM”, with which I both train my voice and set intentions of Trust, Acceptance and Going with the flow (VAM).

VAM is the answer of the second chakra that stands for self-confidence.

Last but not the least comes the “Triangle of Growth”.

In this I visualize my bigger dreams within a triangle that I place in the sky.

Watch two FREE videos for you with the personality exercises here.

Personality training video in NICE with explanation

Personality exercises on Ibiza video without explanation

The One Thing of the day

Then I do the One Thing of the day and a “shit tab”.

The One Thing of the day ALWAYS has to do with my mission.

So for 365 days I do something that fits my mission.

And that’s how I live my mission.

Do you want to discover what your mission is? Then do the webinar “Discover your Mission”.

Showering and cold showering

Research shows that taking a cold shower is very good. Especially for your brown fat cells between your shoulder leaves.

It boosts your immune system. You couldn’t have a better start to the day.

In the beginning I thought it was terrible, but in combination with the breath of fire (a breathing technique) it is not too bad.

Now I am ready for the day.

The good thing is that I have already done everything I wanted to do that day.

Can you imagine how good that feels?

The day has yet to begin and it has already passed.

Of course I am also very curious about your ritual.

What do you think should really be in between.

Let me know,I am also curious which steps you will test and how you like them.


If you practice above mentioned morning rituals, you will definitely get the results for Morning Ritual For Success.

By raana zulfiqar

I Am A Full Time Digital Marketer And Freelancer

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