Website Traffic

How To Increase Your Site Traffic

How To Increase Your Site Traffic

How To Increase Your Site Traffic
How To Increase Your Site Traffic

23 ideas How To Increase Your Site Traffic… And How Much Does It Cost!

If you run a website, chances are good that you are monitoring visitor traffic. Those same visitors that you turn into customers with a lot of content marketing or “Calls To Action”, tested to the point of obsession. Here are some answers of your question how to increase your site traffic.

So you must have wondered at one time or another:

But right after having stated this vital question how to increase your site traffic, your reptilian brain stirred to prompt you with this no less essential question:

So here are some ideas to take stock of. And as I want to please you, I allowed myself to give you what I think this method of traffic acquisition is!

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# 1 – SEO

The natural referencing aims “simply” to let the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo …) that your site deserves to be well classified on keywords. If you cross the term SEO, it is simply the anglicism that SEOs abuse … of which I am a part!

Why improve the natural referencing of my site?

The first answer is obvious: to increase your internet traffic. So far we are in the obvious … But the goal is above all to generate qualified traffic at all times of the visitor’s purchasing cycle: from the moment they get information to the moment they intend to buy.

As the additional traffic is free, it doesn’t matter if it converts now or later, as long as it can convert!

It is fundamental work, which is done over time and which will really help you increase your site traffic. Here are the five SEO axes that you need to work on to get more visits:

Keywords: you must target specific expressions, used by your future customers on search engines. Its a in depth answer of your question which is how to increase your site traffic.

Site optimization: your site must meet a certain number of technical or even ergonomic criteria

Text content: you must produce text (SEO optimized) with a fair balance between volume and quality.

Netlinking: a backlink is a link that points from another site to yours. Not all links are created equal, but a good link comes from a quality site that talks about your topic.

Measure: analyze what is happening. Most webmasters (including me) use Google Analytics. Analyze your traffic, landing pages, pages with high bounce rates … Track your positions as needed. As far as I’m concerned, I tend not to do it anymore, I focus on qualitative content.

You will find a lot of information on the subject on the vast web, including on this blog: 200 Google ranking factors, 70 netlinking techniques, 30 days to be on page 1, etc.

# 2 – Sponsored links in search engines:

Google Adwords Search and Bing Ads

Sponsored links are in fact the purchase of advertising space in real time (“Real Time Bidding, RTB”). Google offers Google Adwords and Bing (which has joined forces with Yahoo) BingAds.

 How To Increase Your Site Traffic
How To Increase Your Site Traffic

How does Google Adwords work?

You select keywords and place a bid on them that you are willing to pay. Each time an Internet user searches for your keyword, the engine displays your ad.

So far it’s free! Why ?

Because you only pay if someone clicks on your ad, in which case you pay the price per click (calculated, often a little lower than your maximum bid) and it is sent to the page you chose.

The objections that I am generally made are:

A competitor will click on me: yes, it does happen, but Google filters and reimburses fraudulent clicks. It is imperfect but rather effective. In fact, through the click quality mechanism (which I will not detail here), an undetected fraudulent click can help you.

I’m going to spend crazy amounts: Yes, but only because you choose it: Google slows your daily budget as you see fit. On this side, no risk!

# 3 – Newsletter

The newsletter is the act of sending emails to people who have expressed their desire to receive them (your customers, prospects, people who have signed up spontaneously, etc.)

This is probably one of the best ways to increase visits: the quality of traffic is high.It plays a most important role to increase your site traffic.

If you do it internally, be careful not to be detected as a spammer, it quickly happens … A suitable solution is to use self-service emailing providers. It’s a bit tricky at first, but you get used to it very quickly!

The industry leader remains Mailchimp, but I have tested MailJet over the past few days, which certainly benefits from fewer features but remains significantly cheaper from 2000 subscribers (below mailchimp is free, so take advantage of it). I will soon be testing ActiveCampaign, which remains at the same price as MailChimp but benefits from more interesting features …

# 4 – B2B / B2C Emailing

E-mailing, unlike the newsletter, consists of writing and sending an email to people who have not requested it. You buy (or lease) a base and voila.

At least on paper…

In real life, a significant part of these emails do not reach the end of their mission.

Addresses in error

Mail filtered as spam

E-mails which do not interest the recipients, which delete them without opening them

Emailing therefore remains an ineffective lever, but in certain niches, it can be relevant: if your offer is irresistible, you have your chances!

# 5 – Affiliation

Affiliation is based on a great principle: you only pay a partner if they have enabled you to generate a sale or obtain a prospect.

Pure win / win.

Yes if only what should be a couple … is actually a threesome!

You need an affiliate platform, which will allow you to solve the two painful affiliation equations:

1) find partners

2) track the sales they generate

Of course nothing prevents you from launching your own affiliate program, the technical part being solved by inexpensive plugins (in the case of open source solutions such as WordPress, Magento or Prestashop).

If you use an affiliate platform to increase your site traffic, it will ask you to build a program, so you will need to indicate the following:

What do you pay? Click, prospect, sale?

How ? In general we give a percentage on a sale and a fixed price for a prospect or a click. The amounts are free, but the more generous you are, the more you will attract site owners to display your banners …

How? ‘Or’ What ? What techniques will you allow? Banners, buying keywords, emailing …

A good program is the key to success: publishers (those who will relay your ads) will always choose the program that is most likely to work with their visitors. Be creative!

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# 6 – Post on social media

How To Increase Your Site Traffic
How To Increase Your Site Traffic

Social networks can really help to increase your site traffic: the idea is to produce attractive content and share it on social networks.

The more your content is shared, the more you will increase your web traffic! If you have enough fans or followers, they will be able to help you repost your post. This is the virtuous circle aspect of social networks!

Here are some ideas for content that may work:



market studies


news information


a curation (a best-of) of what you find useful on the web in your profession

You can target Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Viadeo, Pinterest or even Instagram (see below). It’s up to you to choose the one or those who will allow you to reach your targets.

# 7 – Instagram

Like all other social networks, Instagram also allows the generation of traffic to your site. The basic condition remains to produce visual elements …

If you are an accountant, you’re going to have to get creative!

If you have cool visuals (fashion, makeup, art) Instagram is a great option!

Should you open an Instagram page? Yes, if your future customers are there.

# 8 – Slide sharing (Slideshare type)

Slideshare is a site that allows you to upload Powerpoint type files. On very specific subjects, a good PowerPoint will actually help increase website traffic (usually by Google which relays your document on the long tail). its a vital answer of how to increase your site traffic.

# 9 – Remarketing

Remarketing is the act of reposting your advertising to people who have already visited your site. Let’s take an example, you advertise on Google Adwords for women’s shoes. You receive clicks that you send to the appropriate category.

In doing so, you simultaneously create a list of visitors (sometimes accompanied by criteria such as: “put a product in the basket but did not buy”). This procedure is absolutely transparent for the Internet user.

If the Internet user subsequently visits a site where Google displays advertisements, you will have priority in displaying your advertisements. The classic case is an image of products of the category that the Internet user initially visited, which tends to attract his attention …

Here are several platforms for remarketing:

Google: search network

Google: display network

Adroll: Google display network but also Facebook, all on a single platform

Facebook: … on Facebook and Instagram

Criteo: on selected sites

# 10 – display banners

Almost as old as the web itself, banners remain a lever to promote a site which can be effective in some cases …

The principle remains to prepare advertising banners in different formats (there are about ten of them) and then distribute them on partner sites and pay them either per click or per thousand displays (more rarely). banners, you can use the Google display network or other specialized platforms (Ligatus, Taboola or Outbrain).

Google will allow you to reach volume for a reasonable price (even if it is quite high), the others will allow you to find a more targeted or more qualitative audience.

Last possibility: the direct approach. If you have spotted a site that corresponds precisely to your target, you can canvas it and offer it an offer to rent advertising space.

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# 11 – Advertising in Gmail

This point is in itself a (small) pro tip to increase visitors / to increase your site traffic

You will be able to target those who read their emails in gmail!

This is happening at Google, in the display network. You need to target “” in the targets of the display network.

Google gives a small name: the GSP (Gmail Sponsored Promotion).

You can touch all devices: computer, smartphone, tablets. The offer is “teased” in the “promotion” part of Gmail and then detailed following a click with a banner.

The whole subtlety of this technique is that each ad looks like an email, which makes it easier to open …

# 12 – Twitter advertising

The little blue bird can actually bring you traffic! Twitter has long sought an advertising model, the sponsored tweet finally seems to have found its place!

You post a tweet (dedicated or even from your thread) and only pay when it receives a click. Which click can be used for a lot of things including sending to your site.

# 13 – Facebook advertising

Facebook that stops for an hour and it is a few million dollars in advertising revenue.

Deduce from this that Facebook is in fact used for advertising!

A bit like Twitter, here we publish “posts” that we sponsor. There are many options both in terms of objectives and targeting …

Note, Facebook offers many really useful remarketing options!

# 14 – Facebook video advertising

Facebook also offers to promote your videos, in a relatively simple way.

It’s like a post, but in the format of a video that starts by itself (the sound is cut off) .. Its also a deep answer of your question how to increase your site traffic.

# 15 – YouTube video advertising

YouTube offers tools to increase web traffic through Google Adwords.

Upload a video to your YouTube account linked to Adwords and you can then broadcast your ads on site number 1!

Advertising on YouTube remains an excellent lever to promote your Youtube channel or Branding. It is really in these cases that you will find an effective result.

# 16 – Advertising on LinkedIn

Like any good social network, LinkedIn offers its own self-service advertising tools.

There are two formats:

the promotion of sponsored posts on your company page (“Sponsored Updates”)

banners (“Text Ads”), on LinkedIn pages, which I tested in real life 🙂

You use a few targeting options, a two-line post, a small image and off you go. You must still have a profile and a validated page.

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# 17 – Advertising on Viadeo

Viadeo, the last time I tested, does not offer a self-service offer. They sell you spaces that range from small inserts to skyscrapers, including classic sponsored posts and emailing.

Ultimately, it is their team who will manage your campaign, according to your marketing choices.

# 18 – YouTube channel

Open a YouTube channel and make short videos (5-10 minutes) on specific topics that interest your customers.

For image quality, aim for 720p and invest in a quality webcam. Add a softbox and you’ll be fine. Sound is essential, use a micro USB designed for it.

# 19 – Participation in forums

Identify (with Google!) Some forums frequented by your future customers or people who interest you on your topic. Create an account and participate by responding to topics on which you have added value.

When I was taking pictures, I posted on a message board with a technical question related to a lens. A speaker answered me with in his signature a link to his shop, which I visited. Two months later I bought some equipment from his online store.

It won’t always be like this, but in the end you can get good traffic and you could learn how to increase your site traffic by doing that.

# 20 – Post comments

There was a time when this method had only an SEO / netlinking goal.

That time is over! The direct impact of blog comments in SEO is almost zero, at least low enough that it is not worth looking into.

Comment on blogs on your theme by bringing real added value: your comment must attract the attention of readers. It can really help you to increase your site traffic.

# 21 – Guest posting

Star of SEO techniques in the past but so abused by SEOs that Google monitors, the guest posting technique is still a good lever for acquiring traffic.

You propose (or better: you are asked) to publish a post on a blog of a site on a theme related to yours.

You can leave a link to your site in your post or bio. You will thus benefit from the visibility of the blog in question. And a backlink as a bonus, which is no small feat!

# 22 – Answers on Q&A sites

There are a handful of Q&A sites like Yahoo Q / A, CommentCaMarche, etc. If you have some that exist in your theme, you can participate and answer the questions that Internet users are asking.

# 23 – Email signatures

The idea is simple: make a clickable link to your site in all your emails. If your email arrives at someone looking for your services, you will be able to get a prospect for less. Its a unique technique, by applying that technique you will find the answer of your question how to increase your site traffic.


In this article we have discussed how to increase your site traffic, and those are some methods you could implement and get traffic to your site fast. 

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I Am A Full Time Digital Marketer And Freelancer

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